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A moment of clarity for your hair and scalp.


This clean, gentle shampoo is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free to provide a super kind hair and scalp cleanse for those with sensitive skin. Formulated with powerful plant-based ingredients, Comfrey Leaf and Japanese Swertia, it contains anti-inflammatory properties for a seriously soothing, calming effect to the skin. Chufa Milk, a plant extract packed with fortifying amino acids, supplies moisture, promotes elasticity and brings antioxidant benefits to the hair and scalp.


Clarity Hairbath works across all hair types and textures. It’s made with those who have allergies and sensitivities in mind and is soy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and free of essential oils.



Clarity Hairbath (Shampoo)

SKU: 0850006575718
  • COMFREY LEAF – Rich in anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals, Comfrey Leaf has been used for thousands of years for its soothing superpowers. 

    JAPANESE SWERTIA – This flowering herb is known for its rare combination of calming and stimulatory properties, minimizing irritation while maximizing scalp health.

    CHUFA MILK – A plant extract packed with fortifying amino acids, Chufa Milk is supremely moisturizing and protective.

  • Introducing The Fragrance Free Clarity Collection

    Introducing our newest collection: Clarity Hairbath and Conditioner. This clean, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free pair cleanses, calms and soothes the scalp while boosting hair’s moisture, softness and shine. We created Clarity for anyone with allergies, scalp or skin sensitivities (such as dryness, flaking, irritation) and parents looking for hair care that’s safe and effective for their children. The formulas feature natural, pure plant actives to minimize irritation and maximize moisture. If you’ve ever felt that traditional shampoos and conditioners are too harsh, the Clarity Duo is the clear way for you to achieve more nourished hair and a calmer scalp. 

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